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Tallahassee Psychics!

Tallahassee Psychics!

The charming and eccentric city of Tallahassee Florida has  every type of psychic reader or counselor available to you that is imaginable  including root workers, hoodoo magicians, Christian spiritual counselors, Tarot  card readers, crystal ball readers, mediums, trance chandlers and Reiki  workers. Many of the psychics working in Tallahassee are classified as  Reverends in one kind of spiritual church or another.

  There are also many New age and metaphysical supply shops  and book stores in Tallahassee. Fool Moon treasures sells dragon, Wicca and  other pewter statues for magic and meditation. Stone Age sells incense, oils  and candles and Crystal Connection sells healing gemstones.

  A favorite spooky destination of psychics is the natural  landmark near Tallahassee known as Florida Cavern State Park. These large  caverns boast gigantic caverns filled with large stalactites and stalagmites as  well as mysterious aqua blue swamps.   This is a wonderful place meditate and connect with the energies of  Earth and water.

  Another very famous haunted spot in Tallahassee is the Old  Leon County Jail which has been closed for years and used as a storage  facility. However the spirits of dead inmates still haunt the place and people  have reported being shoved by unseen hands and have heard pounding and  screaming sounds from inside the walls.

  There are also many witch and pagan meetings in Tallahassee  including weekly and monthly ones that take place in Railroad Square Park. This  is where psychics and pagans meet each other’s and where people new to witchy  and pagan religions can learn more about them.   The city also has quite a few paranormal investigators and ghost-hunting  societies including the Tallahassee Ghost Hunters which takes members to local  Indian Mounds and older buildings in Tallahassee.  A newer organization dedicated to ghost  hunting in Tallahassee is S.I.T.E. which stands for Supernatural  Investigations/Technical Evaluations and describe them as being “social workers  for the dead.”